Touko Fukawa is thirsty for Togami

Appearances Edit

Fukawa was first seen with Komaru Naegi on Celestia Slugenberg's adventure.

She was later seen lying on the floor at Yasuhiro Hagakure's shitty birthday celebration. She was smiling so she was probably havimg fun on the floor.

Soon after she bit Byakuya Togami's hand. It was probably some weird kink.

Later she was with Togami and he said she didn't suck. This made Fukawa happy but he then said no romo. They then help hands which caused Fukawa to have a nosebleed. No romo of course. They then kissed, got engaged then married which caused Fukawa's nosebleed to get even bigger. But unfortunately it was no romo. She then proceeded to have two children with Togami, one with an usually long, red tongue but it was still no romo. Then one day Togami finally said he loved romo. This was not a very pleasant experience for Fukawa.

A short while after this she found Togami's diary which caused her to have a nosebleed. I side was written "I like Fukawa" which made her blush. On the opposite page was written "no romo" which made her very angry. She learned to never snoop again.

Later along with Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Peko Pekoyama she discovers that Togami loves My Little Pony. They were all shocked at this startling revelation.

She is also shown to be jealous of Peko's boobs.

Soon after she is with Togami again and he is being romo with her which makes her happy. Naegi sees this and Togami immediately says no romo but continues being romo when Naegi leaves.

A while after she sees TogamI having a bath in money and she was probably traumatised for life.

She clearly wasnt too traumatised as she is seen with TogamI again, this time at the beach. Unfortunatley they are on Jabberwock Island while Mahiru Koizumi is being murdered by Peko. When she sees Hiyoko Saionji on the beach she asks who she is and why she is there. Saionji tells her who she is and that shes going to meet her friend Mahiru at the beach house. After Togami meets Peko she realises that they are on "The Murder Beach"

After the murder beach incident she is seen with Hagakure who accuses her of being a witch. She denies this.

Relationships Edit

Byakuya Togami Edit

Fukawa is in love with Togami. She is first seen with him when she bites his hand. She also shown to have nosebleeds and blush heavily when he is nice to her but get very angry when he doesn't love her. She is also willing to overlook the strange things about him such as him being a Brony and bathing in money as she is still seen enjoying his company even after she discovers these things.

Peko Pekoyama Edit

She is Besties with Peko but she is also jealous of her boobs because theyre bigger than hers

Yasuhiro Hagakure Edit

She is shown to get annoyed with Hagakure because hes a fucking idiot but they seem to be friends as she went to his birthday party.

Quotes Edit

"What the fuck" (discovering Togami likes My Little Pony)

"why peko why"

"Who are you and why are you here" (to Hiyoko Saionji)

"I think you picked the murder beach"

"Hagakure I am not a witch"


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