Genocider Shou/Syo/Jill/Whatever the fuck is the alternate personality of Touko Fukawa. Her tongue is long and weird.


Appareances Edit

Genocider Shou first appeared giving Yasuhiro Hagakure an unwanted haircut which made him sad. She later gave the left over hair to Ibuki Mioda when Ibuki was bald.

She was later seen running a hair salon that Hagakure visited along with Nagito Komaeda. She was very pleased when they arrived because she likes to cut hair.

Soon after, Byakuya Togami wanted her autograph so she licked his piece of paper with her ridiculouslay long tongue.

She also appeared again when Fukawa sneezed after Hagakure called her a witch, saying "MORE LIKE BITCH!"

Relationships Edit

Yasuhiro Hagakure Edit

Hagakure is very scared if Genocider Shou because she keeps cutting his hair. This makes Hagakure sad because he likes his hair.

Byakuya Togami Edit

Like Fukawa, she likes Togami a lot and was happy to give him hear autograph even though she just licked the paper

Ibuki Mioda Edit

Genocider likes Ibuki because it is a very true fact that everyone likes Ibuki. She was shown to be okay with giving her Hagakure's left over hair. If anyone else had asked she would have told them to fuck off.

Quotes Edit

"of course" (to Ibuki)

"MORE LIKE BITCH!" (to Hagakure when accused of being a witch)

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