Yasuhiro Hagakure has too much hair.

Appearances Edit

Hagakure first appeared on shittydanganronpadrawings with way too much hair captioned "this is fine"

Soon after he appeared again on his birthday, July 25th with a cake and a party hat. Later on the same day he was shown having a shitty birthday celebration with Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, Byakuya Togami and Touko Fukawa. He enjoyed the celebration.

Later he was given an unwanted haircut by Genocider Syo and exclaimed "AAAAAA!! I look...NORMAL!"

A while after this his hair was back to its original length and he was having trouble with his math and he wanted someone to help him study. He was not pleased when Kiyotaka Ishimaru offered to help him.

He later went to the hair salon with Nagito Komaeda but both of them were shocked when Genocider Shou was the stylist. He was traumatised by his last haircut.

At some point after this Gundham Tanaka insulied his predictions and he challenged him to a duel, both of them being called stupid by Aoi Asahina and Sonia Nevermind.

One day he orders a pizza and it is delivered by Akane Owari but unfortunately she ate it before she got to him and he was sad.

He was later seen again with Leon Kuwata giving him a good and wholesome high five or "brojob"

He was also seen again with Touko Fukawa and he accused her of being a witch. She denied being a witch but sneezed and became Genocider Shou and Hagakure was advised to run.

Relationships Edit

Makoto Naegi Edit

Hagakure seems to be friends with Naegi as he invited him to his birthday party

Touko Fukawa/Genocider Shou Edit

He does not like Fukawa or Genocider Shou although he seems to be less scared of Fukawa, even inviting her to his birthday party. He thinks Fukawa is a witch. He is terrified of Genocider Shou as she gave him an unwanted haircut.

Byakuya Togami Edit

He appears to tolerate Togami and invited him to his birthday party but he doesn't like Togami because no one likes Togami.

Nagito Komaeda Edit

He is friends with Komaeda and they went to the hair salon together.

Aoi Asahina Edit

He is friends with Asahina and she was at his birthday party but she thinks he is stupid.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru Edit

He does not seem to be too fond of Ishimaru as he did not want him to help with his studying and he would rather have anyone else but him to help.

Sonia Nevermind Edit

Sonia thinks Hagakure is stupid.

Gundham Tanaka Edit

He does not like Gundham because Gundham said his predictions were shit and they had a duel.

Akane Owari Edit

Akane made him sad when she ate his pizza so he doesn't like her.

Leon Kuwata Edit

Leon is his bro and they had a brojob which is another word for a good and wholesome high five showing that they are best bros.

Quotes Edit

"This is fine"

“AAAAAAA!! I look…NORMAL!” (after his haircut)

"I wish someone would help me study"

"not him... ANYONE BUT HIM" (about Kiyotaka Ishimaru helping him study)

"FUCK" (when he discovered Genocider Shou was the hair stylist)

"fite me" (to Gundham Tanaka)

"You're a witch!" (to Touko Fukawa)

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